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about us

Hi There! We are Maliquea and D'Andre' Starnes, the owners of Starnes & Co. LLC, a creative consulting agency located in Winston Salem, NC. We believe that Creative Business Owners have very unique business needs and we make it our top priority to meet our clients exactly where they are in their life and business. Our clients work from anywhere, and so do we. We provide services virtually, and as long as there's wifi and a laptop we'll be there to help you grow and thrive in your business. Our services come from the heart of two creative business owners that know the power of strategy, systems, and financial planning.

Maliquea Starnes, originally a Virginia native relocated to North Carolina in 2015. She has a corporate background in financial services, and transitioned into the Events Industry in February 2016 after receiving her Wedding Planning certification. Since the start of her Event Management company, Starnes & Co. Event Planning, Maliquea has coordinated over 25 weddings and is now the owner of a local Wedding Venue with her husband D'Andre. Her experience in the creative business industry has allowed her the opportunity to provide a unique perspective to Business Strategy and the System Implementation needed to run a successful business.


D'Andre' Starnes, is Winston Salem born and raised. He is a Wake Forest Univeristy graduate, a Double Deac" with a Bachelor of Science in Finance (2015) and a Master's of Science in Accountancy (2016). As of August 2017, D'Andre became a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the state of North Carolina. D'Andre's wealth of experience in the Wake Forest School of Business has allowed him to develop the accumen neccesary to run a successful business. Aditionally, D'andre's time in the public accounting industry has provided him with the experience of working with many large companies and developing a deep understanding of the key performance indicators needed to run a successful business.



Our Services



Let's face it. Everyone keeps talking about their bookkeeper and all you have is your box of receipts, a notepad, and your cell phone calculator. Or maybe the thought of an old guy with bifocals charging you tons of money to review what you already know about your account makes you cringe. Starnes & Co. LLC takes a modern, non traditional, affordable approach to accounting with our Bookkeeping services. We implement systems that make communication easier than ever and believe in empowering our clients to know more about finance! 


tax advisory + Preparation

Tax time doesn't have to be the most dreaded time of the year. Starnes & Co. LLC wants to help you get all those tax forms in order so you can feel confident about "pushing send" on the documents everyone seems to dread. You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you're in the hands of an experienced, tax professional that wants to see you succeed.


Whether you're a powerhouse of employees or a "small but mighty" team of contractors. We have the systems and tools to help you manage Payroll, HR, Benefits and More!

financial forecasting

Putting together a business plan for a big pitch or new venture? You'll need some financial forecasts and projections to show those potential investors and customers what you're made of. Let us look into the future of your financials and use our accounting skills to put together a beautiful presentation of your bright future.

financial education and workshops

We love empowering the creative community with the tools they need to thrive in financial and business strategy! Looking for a speaker for your next business event or want to host a workshop with a topic like finance or business strategy? Contact Us

business strategy

Learning to navigate the waters of the Creative Business world can be tough! But you don't have to figure it all out on your own. Our business strategist is a systems guru, that has a passion for seeing your business dreams come to life. Whether your goal is to start a business, book more clients, or lean in and focus on what's been holding you back; we've got a strategy for you.

streamlining with systems

Your business thrives the most when all of your systems are in alignment. Did you know there are systems that can take your prospective clients, to scheduling their own appointments, signing contracts electronically, paying invoices, and completing questionnaires all with just the push of a button? Or maybe you did know there were systems out there that can do all those things and just don't have the time or patience to set them up yourself! Let our team get your business running on autopilot with streamlined processes. We offer set up, training, and migration services for all of your daily operational needs. 

Wherever you are in your financial and entrepreneurial journey, Starnes & Co. LLC wants to meet you where you are to help you get where you’ve always dreamed of going.
— Starnes & Co. LLC





Financial analysis

How much is it costing you each month to not understand your monthly income and expenses? We believe that having clarity about what's happening in your business from month to month is a determining factor in growing your business! Take the first step towards financial freedom with our Financial Analysis services. (Quarterly Option Available)


business strategy session

Launching a business or a big idea can be tough! Our business strategist can take a look at your plans and uncover the top three action projects you need to tackle to turn your business dreams into a reality. We'll start by reviewing the vision you have in mind and create a custom and attainable roadmap to get you there. 




60-Minute Q&A with a cpa

Do you ever wish you could just "pick the brain" of an expert? Our 60-minute consultations allow you to get an answer to some of those burning questions you've been asking yourself, such as: "Am I ready to hire an employee?" or "Should I become an LLC?" 



How many tabs, systems, programs, apps, and emails do you have to have open to run a business? Just one. Let our team do a systems evaluation to determine how you can work smarter not harder, and put those daily operations on autopilot overdrive. (Includes Set Up + 60-Minute Systems Training)




60-Minute tax advisory session

60-minutes dedicated to talking about the "T" word may not be your idea of a fun time but we actually love this service because it allows you the opportunity to not just "do" your taxes but actually learn about them and understand how they work! You can book this session before you "push send" on filing and we'll review everything to make sure you're doing it all correctly, make sure your quarterly sales taxes are filed correctly, or even give your tax health a check up before tax season rolls around.

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6-WEEK enhance your finance intensive session

Learning about your financial position and mindset is a key factor to your lifestyle and business. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the financial strain of trying to manage your business Starnes & Co. LLC wants to help you regain your confidence, set clear goals about your financial future, and push reset on your money mindset. This intensive evaluation will allow us to take a deep dive into your current financial situation and outline clear actionable steps to get to "the bottom line".